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Why buy your workshop equipment from a European middleman when you can buy the same equipment directly from the ODM factory at lower prices?

IM Workshop equipment is a importer and distributor that is based in Pretoria, South Africa and Zimbabwe. We have a dealer network throughout South Africa that distribute our range of tyre changers, wheel balancing equipment, 3D wheel alignment equipment, air con service equipment, auxiliary jacks, air compressors, bead blasters, bead breakers, bead knockers, bottle jacks, brake disc and drum lathes (on and off vehicle), coil spring compressors, engine cranes, engine stands, exhaust pipe benders, gearbox / transmission jacks, hydraulic pumps, ram kits, one side lifts, two post lifts, four post lifts, low level lifts, mid rise lifts, high rise lifts, motorcycle lifts, nitrogen equipment, porta powers, workshop presses, rim repair equipment, shock absorber testers, tool trolleys, trestles, trolley jacks, tyre changing tools, automatic tyre inflators, turn tables, tyre spreaders, vulcanisers, wheel dollies and other workshop equipment.

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Tel: +27 12 664 3556