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Products Tyre Changers M806 Motorcycle Tyre Changer    
    LC810G Semi Auto Tyre Changer    
    887 Automatic Tyre Changer    
    890P Semi Auto Tyre changer with Helper Arm    
    887 ITS Leverless Auto Tyre Changer    
    LC588S Truck Tyre Changer    
    LC590 Truck/OTR Tyre Changer    
    IM-SD18 Manual Tyre Changer    
    IM-XTC428 Manual Tyre Changer    
    AL320A/B/C Helper Arm for 887 Tyre Changer    
  Wheel Balancers CB910GB Wheel Balancer    
    CB956GB Wheel Balancer    
    CB958GB Wheel Balancer    
    CB968GB Wheel Balancer    
    CB66 Wheel Balancer    
    CB67 Wheel Balancer    
    CB68 Wheel Balancer    
    CB460 Truck Wheel Balancer    
    SD12 Static Wheel Balancer    
    IM-XTB820 Manual Car wheel Balancer    
    IM-XTB1200 Manual Truck Wheel Balancer    
  Wheel alignment Lawrence RS-6 3D Aligner    
    Lawrence RS-8 3D Aligner    
    Lawrence I5 3D Aligner    
  Lifts Two Post Lifts SA-40 2 Post Lifts, Base Plate, 4 Ton, Manual Release  
      SAE-40 2 Post Lifts, Base Plate, 4 Ton,  Electric Release  
      SB-40 2 Post Lifts, Clear Floor, 4 Ton, Manual Release  
      SBE-40 2 Post Lifts, Clear Floor, 4 Ton, Electric Release  
      SBE-40H 2 Post Lifts, Clear Floor, 4 Ton, Electric Release  
    Four Post Lifts SDW50 4 Post Lift, Wheel Alignment, 5 Ton, with Slip plates, turn tables and auxillary jack  
      SA4T36P 4 Post Lift, Exhaust/Parking, 3.6 Ton  
    Scissor Lifts IM-SLA Alignment Lift, 4 Ton  
    Low Level Lifts IM-ABL2 Low Level Lift, 2.8 Ton, 2 Bellows  
      IM-LR30 Low Level Lift 2.5 Ton  
      IM-LR45 Low Level Lift 4.5 Ton  
    Mid RiseLifts SCK-B30 Mid Rise Lift, 3 Ton, 1000mm Lifting Height  
      IM-MRL27 Mid Rise Lift with Arms, 1000mm Lifting Height  
    Motorcycle Lifts IM-MO3804 Air/Hydraulic Motorcycle/ATV Lift  
      IM-SD1010ND Air Operated Motorcycle Lift with Side Extension  
    Accessories IM-TT Turn Tables, Mechanical, Optional for Wheel Alignment  
      IM-ML One End Lifter  
      Auxillary Jacks  
  Mobi Jack Winntec Trolley Jacks  
      Bottle Jacks  
      Auto body/Panel beater Auto body Repair Kits
        Wheel Dolly
      Workshop/Garage Engine Cranes
        Engine Stand
        Gearbox/Transmission stands
      OTR/Earthmoving Bead Breakers  
      Hydraulic Press  
      Other Hydraulic Pump
  Tyre Tools IM-TCT Truck Tyre changing Tool Set    
    Truck Wheel Dolley    
    Bead Knocker/Stamper    
    Bead Booster 5 Gallon Bead Booster  
      10 Gallon Bead Booster  
    Tyre Spreader Pneumatic Tyre Spreader – Hand Held  
      IM-QD52 Pneumatic Tyre Spreader  
      IM-SD2 Manual tyre Spreader  
  Pipe Benders BB-2 Pipe Bender    
    301-2 3″Die Package for Pipe Bender    
  Inflators Nitrogen Generators    
    Preset Inflators    
  Rim Repair Equipment Konig 5700 with Lathe    
    Konig Junior – NO LATHE    
    Konig RP2012 Rim Polisher    
    IM-RPK Rim Polish Kit    
    IM-FY200 Alliminium Mig Welder    
  Brake Lathes/skimmer On Car IM-202 On Car brake disc skimmer  
      IM-OTCL450A – Automatic on car brake disc skimmer  
    Off car IM-C9350 off car Brake Disc/Drum skimmer  
      IM-C9355B off car Brake Disc/Drum skimmer  
  Bottle/Trolley Jacks Winntec    
  Miscellaneous Shock Absorber tester    
    Tyre Spreader Pneumatic-Tyre Spreader  
      Manual-Tyre Spreader  
    Tyre Vulcaniser/Spotter    
    Coil Spring Compressors IM SD1205 Hydraulic Coil Spring Compressor  
      IM SD1206 Pneumatic Coil Spring Compressor  
    Headlight Aimer    
    High Presure Cleaner    
    Tool Trolleys    
24 Month Warranty        
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