Our Product Range



Tyre Changers

M806 Motorcycle
LC810 Semi Automatic
890P Semi Automatic with Helper arm
887 Automatic Tilt back
LC887its Leverless
LC588s 14″ – 26″ Truck
LC590D 14″- 56″ Truck/OTR
LC590 14″- 56″ Truck/OTR auto slide
LC595 14″ – 60″ Truck/OTR

Wheel Balancers

CB910 Basic with max wheel dia 1000 mm
CB66 Basic with max wheel dia 1100 mm
CB67 2D with auto distance measure
CB68 3D with auto distance, width and wideness
CB460 Truck with max weight 200kg

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Two Post Lifts

SA 40 Manual, Base type, 4 Ton
SAE40 Electric, Base type, 4 Ton
SB 40 Manual, Clear floor type, 4 Ton
SBE 40 Electric, Clear floor type, 4 Ton
SBE40 H Electric, Clear floor type, 4 Ton, extra height

Four Post Lift

SDW 50 Wheel Alignment 5 Ton 4850 mm runway
SA 3 TP Exhaust 3.6 Ton 4585 mm runway

Scissor Lift

SLA Wheel Alignment 4 Ton

Turn Tables

TT Turn Tables

Auxilliary jacks

XT2A 3 Ton Auxilliary jack


Low Level – Bellows

ABL Low Level Lift with air bellows 1.9m wide – lift height 580mm

Low Level – Electric / Hydraulic

LR45 Low Level Lift , 4.5 ton – Heavy Duty – 580mm Lifting Height

Mid Rise Lifts

MR30 Mid Rise Lift, 3 ton capacity, lifting height 1000mm

Hi Rise Lift – Electric / Hydraulic

HR30 Hi Rise Lift  – Surface Mount,1900mm lifting height 

Tyre Spreaders

QD52 Tyre Spreader- Pneumatic 
SD2 Tyre Spreader- Manual

Tyre Vulcaniser/Spotter

DB88 Tyre Vulcaniser Machine –  Equipped with a timer ( optional)


Air Conditioning Maintenance

AC1000-3G A/C service machine- automatic  R134
AC1000-HFO A/C service machine- R1234 Gas 
AC-UV Leak detection Kit


Nitrogen Generator

PN-8830 Nitrogen Generator – 55 Litre Internal tank – 4 Nitrogen outlets 
PN-8850 Nitrogen Generator – 120 Litre External Tank – 4 Nitrogen outlets 
PN-8890 Nitrogen Generator – 120 Litre External Tank – Ideal for Trucks

Automatic Tyre Inflators

PA-101 Preset Tyre Inflator – wall mounted – single pipe
PA-105 Preset Tyre Inflator – Floor mount – single pipe
PA-108 Preset Tyre Inflator – wall mounted – four pipes 

Atek Makina

Rim Repair and Polish

Konig 5700 10″ to 22.5″ Rim Repair System 
JUNIOR Rim  Repair System – No Lathe – 24″
IM-RPK Rim Polish Kit


3 D Wheel Aligners

RS-6 / i5 3 D Wheel Aligner  ( Pit or 4 Post)
RS-8 3 D Wheel Aligner with auto tracking


Suspension Tester

RST-1600 Jevol Suspension/Shock Tester with PC, Printer & Cabinet

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Mig Welder

IM-FY200 FY-Tech mig/mag welder

Battery equipment

FY-1600 35 – 1200 Ah – Booster Battery Charger
T806 Battery Tester with printer

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Exhaust Pipe Bender

CR-6001 Pipe Bender complete with storage and expander
301-2 3″ Die package

Screw Compressor

AA-scp1.1/8 Screw Air Compressor – 600L tank

One End Lifter

IM-ML One End Lifter – 220V-  Wheel or body lift

Auxiliary Jacks 

6006 Auxiliary Jack and cradle
6007 Jack Support
6008 Cradle only

Brake Lathes

202D On Car Brake Disc Skimmer
OTCL450A  On Car Brake Disc Skimmer – Automatic
C9350  Off Car Brake Disc/Drum and FlywheelSkimmer
C9335B Off Car Brake Disc/Drum skimmer
T8645 Off Car Brake Disc/Drum Lathe – Trucks

Coil Spring Compressor

SD1205 Hydraulic Coil Spring Compressor – Foot pedal
SD1206 Pneumatic Coil Spring Compressor with safety cage

Manual Wheel Service Equipment

SD12 Static wheel Balancer
XTB820 Manual Passenger Wheel Balancer – Battery operated
XTB1200 Manual Truck Wheel Balancer – Battery operated
SD18 Manual Tyre Changer – Motorcycle/Passenger
XTC428 Manual Passenger Tyre Changer 

Motorcycle Lift

M03804 Air Hydraulic Motorcycle / ATV lift – 360kg Capacity
SD1010ND Air operated Motorcycle lift  – 450kg Capacity

Tyre Tools & Accessories

TCT Tyre Changing Tool Set 
BBR Bead Knocker/Stamper
BB-10 Bead Booster with Safety Valve – 10 gallon
BB-05 Bead Booster with Safety Valve – 5 gallon
PBB Pneumatic Tyre Spreader – Hand Held
AAT400 Tyre Caddy 

Tool Cabinet / Trolley

FY807 7 Drawer Tool Cabinet – 450kg Load Capacity,  

Diagnostic Equipment

SMOKE Smoke Meter – measure exhaust smoke on Diesel vehicles
GAS Gas Analyser – measure vehicle emissions of gas

Impact tools

HY-162A 1″ Impact Wrench
HY-160B ½” Impact Wrench
HY-055 ½ Impact wrench exhaust kit


Air Hydraulic Trolley Jacks

Y432001 Air – Hydraulic Trolley Jack 20 ton capacity 
Y432030 Air – Hydraulic Trolley Jack 15/30 ton capacity, 2 stage

Auto Body Repair Kits

IM-HM5401 Hydraulic Ram Kit
Y444100 Porta Power – 10 ton
IM-SD0204 Porta Power – 20 ton

Bottle Jacks

Y410600 Hydraulic Bottle Jack 6 ton capacity
Y411200 Hydraulic Bottle Jack 12 ton capacity
Y412000 Hydraulic Bottle Jack 20 ton capacity
Y413000 Hydraulic Bottle Jack 30 ton capacity
Y – T50 Hydraulic Bottle Jack 50 ton Capacity

Engine cranes

Y440101 Foldable 1 ton Engine Crane
IM-AA0601D Engine Crane heavy duty 2 ton capacity

Engine Stands

Y450101 Engine Stand, capacity 400 kg

Gearbox / Transmission Jacks

BQ3 Gearbox Jack, Trolley type 1.5 ton capacity
Y451000 Gearbox Jack, Pit Type 1 ton capacity
IM-AA0101G Gearbox Jack, Telescopic   – 1 ton

Hydraulic Press

Y461501 Hydraulic Press, 15 ton Capacity
SDO811CE-Z Press 50 ton, Air-Hydraulic
SDO881 Press 50 ton, Electric-Hydraulic
IM-100TP Press 100 ton, Electric-Hydraulic

Hydraulic Pump

EPA-1092 Industrial Hand Pump
Y471150 Aluminium Hydraulic Foot Pump


Y452300 Trestle, Pin Type 3 ton capacity – per pair
Y450301 Trestle, Ratchet Type 3 ton capacity – Per Pair
Y450600 Trestle, Ratchet Type 6 ton capacity – Per Pair
Y451200 Trestle, Ratchet Type 12 ton capacity – Per Pair
Y451205 Trestle, 12 Ton on Wheels – per pair

Trolley Jacks

Y411350 Hydraulic Trolley Jack 1.35 Ton – Aluminium
Y420301 Hydraulic Trolley Jack 3 ton capacity  – Long Reach
Y420303 Hydraulic Trolley Jack 3 ton capacity – Turbo Lift, short
Y420500 Hydraulic Trolley Jack 5 ton capacity  – Long Reach
Y421000 Hydraulic Trolley Jack 10 ton capacity  – Long Reach
Truck/ Earthmoving wheel Changing Tools
Y471120 Bead Breaker for 3 piece rims, with hose & coupler
Y471130 Bead Breaker for 5 piece rims, with hose & coupler
IM-S207-8  Easy Tyre Mount/Demount Kit

Wheel Dolly 

Y-HM5201 Car Wheel Dolly – Heavy duty capacity 680kg (car positioning jack) set of 4 with stand
Y471105 Truck wheel Dolly
ST500 Truck Wheel Changing Dolly 

Toe Jack

Y418005 Toe Jack – 5 Ton
Y418010 Toe Jack – 10 Ton
Y418025 Toe Jack – 25 Ton

Forklift Jack

Y454000 Forklift Jack- 4/5 Ton

Tyre Caddy

Y471147HD Tyre Cart – 200kg Capacity

Pallet Truck

IM-8BA Cast Iron pump with nylon wheels, 685mm x 1220 mm, 2.5 Ton capacity

Two Post Lifts

FL-82142 Two post lift clear floor 4.2 Ton Capacity
FL-8224 Two post Lift base plate 4.2 Ton Capacity