Jevol Suspension tester


A faulty or worn shock absorber can increase the risk of road accidents !

The Suspension / Shock absorber tester is designed to test all vehicles including SUV and 4 x 4 up to a axle weight of 2.5 Ton using the EUSAMA specification.



This Ultra-Thin suspension tester is easy to use and designed to be placed on the ground without the need to be recessed into the ground. It is recommended to bolt the unit down, with the wiring fixed or placed in such a way not to get damaged. Drive on ramps can accommodate vehicles up to 80 mm ground clearance. This unit comes complete with a PC (all software pre-installed), Screen and printer placed into a stylish, lockable cabinet. This suspension tester check the vehicle’s road grip and shock absorber performance according to EUSAMA specifications. It has a auto stop function in case of overload and is designed to use the highest real road vibrations to ensure accurate testing with a low noise design.


EUSAMA = European Shock Absorbers. Manufacturers Association