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Demo Sale

Lawrence: i9 3D Aligner:

R 99 500.00 Ex vat

  • Simple operation, get familiar in 5 minutes
  • Accurate measurement, responsible for car owners
  • Free rolling compression for maximum efficiency
  • Three dimentional system leader
  • Three dimensional animated guidance

Lawrence i9 3D Wheel Aligner

SD1010ND lift with manual hand pump

R 9 950.00 Ex vat

Lift with manual hand pump

Rim Repair


R 32 500.00 Ex vat

Motor Specifications
Mechanical motor 0,55 kw, 1400rpm, 0,75Hp, 7.3 Ampere. 220V
Hydraulic motor 0,55 kw 900rpm, 0,75Hp, 8.7 Ampere
Sound Level 35 db
Hydraulic Piston Power
Total pressure 3,14′ (3,15×3,15) = 31,156kg
Total pressure 31,156 x 160 = 4 984,96kg

Rim Straightening Machine


  • Lees diesel genetrator R 59 995.00 ex vat

  • PZ1500 air cooled gas generator R 26 500.00 ex vat

  • HZ9800 air cooled gas generator R 13 500.00 ex vat


Jevol Suspension Tester

R 39 500.00 Ex vat

JEVOL designed RST-1600 mobile suspension tester can be used with plate test lane to check vehicle brake, suspension and sideslip

  • Ultra-thin suspension tester
  • Jevol patent testing suspension performance according to vibration principle
  • No need for pit foundation
  • The tested vehicle lowest chassis is 80mm
Items Suspension tester
Model RST1600
Axle load 3Ton
Power supply 380V / 50 HZ
Motor power 1.5kwx2
Track 880-2200 mm
Amplitude 6mm
Frequency 23H
JEVOL designed RST-1600 mobile suspension tester


and many more workshop equipment. Please feel free to contact us for any new or used workshop equipment requirements.

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